Matt Hurray

Between Gaps Music Blog

So we recently caught up with one of the biggest pushers of Surf rock music coming from the west coast. A guitarist who keeps contributing to this extremely underrated genre with stunning, fast paced, no non-sense covers, as well as his own original surf gems.

It should be obvious by now that we are talking about Orange County’s very own Matt Hurray – Who has not only amazed us with brilliant surf masterpieces such as ‘Diamond Head Dumb Head’, ‘Egyptian Surfer’ and ‘Unnecessary Commentary’ but now – it really seems he is determined to single-handedly revive this almost forgotten Genre, while leading from the frontline.

Aided by the talented Jim Rice (additional guitars), Peter Freiberg (Bass) and Gary Ferguson (Drums)  – His ‘Cool, Cajjj, Rippin’, Rad! EP’  is more of a statement than anything else… and to those who possess a trained ear, it is easy to see that Surf rock could never die while musicians such as Hurray are around!

This frenetic, frenzied and feverish EP includes three surf covers, two of which were originally released by The Chantays (‘Pipeline and El Conquistador’), while ‘Trasher’ was originally released by The Challengers.

As always, Hurray’s delivery remains exciting, entertaining and impressively sharp throughout this ‘Cool, Cajjj, Rippin’, Rad! EP – Which makes for a swift listen, regardless of time or location… But between me and you? This fast and furious EPfeels an even better listen while relaxing to an extra cold beer!