Matt Hurray

Diamond Head Dumb Head

by Matt Hurray

Released 01/25/2017
Boardwalk Beauties
Released 01/25/2017
Boardwalk Beauties
Four killer surf covers! Catch the wave...
This is the first in a series of several EP's featuring cover songs that inspired Matt Hurray to write and record his own original surf music on the CD's Egyptian Surfer and Unnecessary Commentary. The Rising Surf was originally recorded by The Tandums. Walk, Don't Run was made big by The Ventures. Monterey Sunset is a hidden gem originally recorded by The Hoodoo Gurus. Penetration was released by the Challengers. Visit Hurray's website at for more music, reviews, videos, etc.

Diamond Head Dumb Head features:
Matt Hurray playing Guitar and Baritone Guitar
Jim Rice Playing Guitar
Peter Freiberger Playing Bass Guitar
Gary Ferguson Beating on Da Drums