Matt Hurray

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‘The Munsters’ is the Halloween Special from one of California’s leading surf music acts Matt Hurray, whose energizing cover presents a fun and audacious remake of the classic cult tv series of the same title.

Joined by the musical talents of Jim Rice on the rhythm guitar, Peter Freiberger on the bass, and Gary Ferguson smashing drums, Matt’s hypnotic cover was released in late October as a Halloween treat for fans and listeners, looking to set the mood with a frantic sonic backdrop.

Just under two months later, as December approaches it’s climax, Matt Hurray’s ’The Munsters’ has rightly earned a mention and a shout-out from us, as after all… Hurray is known for championing a delivery which carries a unique, trademark surf sound, which naturally embodies the festive spirit and season in effortless fashion.

So I guess what we are really trying to say here… is that it’s never too late for a bit of spontaneous, unorthodox and non-linear rock music with a surf twist. Especially if it’s Matt Hurray and the gang serving it to you!