Matt Hurray

M A T T   H U R R A Y

Since the young age of 15, guitarist Matt Hurray has been mastering his craft as a musician. Based out of Balboa Island, CA, Hurray gathers his inspiration from the surf scene music that guided shipless seafarers who once claimed right to the beaches of SoCal with their wooden surfboards during the late 50’s and 60’s. 

Instrumental Surf Music is the genre that he’s mastered and Hurray is considered a leader in it’s revitalization and origination. He’s pioneered his own unique sound, described as the sweet spot where surf guitar meets modern production techniques creating a wall of sound like no other.

Known for his lively charm, superb musicianship and magnetic stage presence, Matt Hurray stays true to his mission of giving infectious shows and making sure that his audience always has a ‘rockin time!’


Currently, Hurray has four full length albums in his catalog, and two semi-national tours under his belt. He’s currently working on a follow up to “Bitchin!,” an instrumental endeavor dedicated to the pioneers of the genre, along with another album slated for 2020. He’s also performing live shows throughout Southern California. 

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“... Matt Hurray locates himself at the nexus of musical talent, vintage style, and a cheeky ebullience that marks this uplifting, engaging collection of surf instrumentals. It's fun, life-affirming and addictive…” 

  ---- David J. Buckner / Rare Victory Social Media


“Each and every one of them is a track that is sure to catch your interest...Matt Hurray is a well-rounded release with something for nearly every taste.

---- Matheson Kamin / The Rock And Roll Report


“... creates an intriguing blend of sounds….old school surf music concepts….some great music….” 

---- G.W. Hill / Music Street Journal


“...clean and crystal-clear instrumentation with beautiful and elegant melodies that transport us to the most diverse atmospheres….the perfect music to roll on lost coastal highways…” 

---- Chema Valbuena / The Lost Refuge Radio Show (RTR)



“ experience to be cherished….a fantastic album that can be played anywhere, anytime…. It’s soothing and electrifying all at the same time…” 

---- Blatant Misrep /